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A new way to fundraise

Remember fundraising as a kid? Walking door to door with the order forms, the envelope with money, and then having to deliver the product when it arrived...

Well we’ve re-imagined the fundraising experience; stripping away the admin work and hurdles.

share your fundraiser with ease!

We're taking fundraising 100% online, giving anyone in Ontario the ability to support your campaign!

Simply share your customized fundraiser shop link to anyone in your network. When they make a purchase, their order is delivered right to their door and the fundraising proceeds are delivered to you!

How you choose to get the word out is up to you, but here are some of our favourites:

  • Send a short and sweet note about your fundraiser to everyone on your email contact list
  • Send a text message to your friends and family with a link to your fundraiser shop
  • Create and share a series of fun social media posts
  • Send a DM to people who love wine and you know would love to support your campaign
  • Print and deliver a customized postcard (with a QR code) to your neighbors

If you focus on getting the word out, we'll take care of the rest – order processing, payment, and delivery!

Our top sellers

Our online fundraising platform puts the FUN back into fundraising! We’ve curated a selection of Palatine Hills Fundraising favourites for your team to offer to family and friends.

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